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Our 134 Comprehensive Cancer Gene Panel

NCJ Diagnostic & DNA Technologies (NCJ DNA) is one of a select few high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratories in the country. We’re the only certified minority-owned business of its kind and are accredited by the Joint Commission and CLIA. Dissimilar to most conventionally established laboratories that only screen up to 30 cancer genes, we offer a comprehensive, inherited cancer panel that screens for 134 high-risk cancer genes. This revolutionary NextGen Sequencing™ technology yields highly accurate results within two weeks. This is significantly faster than traditional lab tests that can take upwards of 30 days. This innovative technology is able to detect which gene mutations are pathogenic (cancer causing) and which ones are not. It targets gene sequencing, which keeps us on the forefront of precision medicine.

The all-encompassing 134 cancer gene panel screens for a high number of cancer susceptibility genes that may contribute to certain types of cancer. Cancers such as breast, ovarian, lung, skin, stomach, colorectal, endometrial, pancreatic, renal, bladder, cervical, bone, prostate and leukemia are some of the most common forms found through this type of laboratory testing. Many of the genes in our panel have autosomal dominant inheritance for breast, ovarian, prostate, gastrointestinal and uterine cancers. With autosomal dominant inheritance, a single altered copy of the gene is sufficient to increase a person’ chances of developing cancer.

It is our goal to help practitioners detect cancer pathogens as early as possible. Therefore, we strive to use the most advanced technology available to allow oncologists to intervene, early on, and map personalized treatment plans for their patients.

Our comprehensive panel identifies the presence of a mutation which can place the patient at risk for developing cancer. Another fortunate aspect of this testing is that these panels are covered by most insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare, for anyone with a family history of cancer before the age of 60 or if an individual has been diagnosed. Genetics is our greatest ally – if early onset of cancer exists in your family, you should be tested for these very high risk genes as soon as possible.

Cancer comes in many forms and can be triggered by multiple sources. Mutations (pathogenic or likely pathogenic) are inherited from parents and passed on to the children. Initially, carriers can appear normal; however, they can still pass on the genetic mutations to their children. According to research, our environment and some food sources have been found to contain numerous cancer-causing agents. These carcinogens (chemicals/compounds) can damage the normal gene copy in carriers, turning an at-risk gene into a pathogenic mutation. For example, when intestinal cells divide in carriers there’s an increased chance for spontaneous mutation, which leads to polyp formation or even colon cancer. Fortunately, early screening tools are available to detect the most common cancers, including mammograms, colonoscopies and annual checkups.

NCJ DNA revolutionary DNA tests and labs include many benefits:

  • Accredited CLIA and Joint Commission
  • Early detection and monitoring
  • Highly accurate results within 14 days
  • Most comprehensive molecular analysis available
  • Most value for healthcare dollars
  • Our team of experts include molecular biologists, scientists, researchers and accessioners who pride themselves on delivering excellence with every patient sample.

Due to the prevalence of the more common cancers, we also offer three separate cancer panels that specifically screen for breast, ovarian, colorectal and prostate cancer. Below is the list of our three additional sub-panels:

Brovanetics™ – screens for breast and ovarian cancer (as a combined panel)

Colonetics™ – screens for colon cancer

Pronetics™ – screens for prostate cancer

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