Our Colon Cancer Gene Panel

North Central Jersey Diagnostics & DNA Technologies (NCJ DNA) brings the convenience and accessibility of genetic testing to individuals who have an increased risk of inherited colon and rectal cancer. Next generation sequencing identifies high-risk individuals and provides the insight for early diagnosis of cancer and proactive care.

Using targeted genomic Next generation sequencing, we screen for germ-line mutations in 11 genes already known to confer high risk for cancer in individuals diagnosed with colon and rectal carcinoma. This is a sub-panel of our Supernetics™ 134 Comprehensive Cancer Gene Panel.

Our Colonetic panel consists of the following high-risk cancer genes: APC, BMPR1A, CDH1, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, MUTYH, PMS2, PTEN, SMAD4, STK11.

The increased cancer risk is due to inherited mutations that damage the self-repair capability of DNA. Factors suggestive of a genetic contribution to colorectal cancer include the following: 1) a strong family history of colorectal cancer and/or polyps; 2) early age at diagnosis of familial colorectal cancer 3) existence of other primary cancer. Additional factors coupled with family history includes history of diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease, a diet high in fat and calories, low in fiber. Other factors include alcohol usage, smoking, lack of exercise and being overweight.

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