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NCJ Diagnostic & DNA Technologies is a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. We are proud to be the only minority-owned and accredited DNA laboratory in the country, with multiple locations including our original facility in Florida. We are also one of a select few high-complexity molecular DNA laboratories in the entire nation.

We use innovative technologies, while incorporating complex techniques, such as real-time PCR, allowing our laboratory to achieve the highest levels of diagnostic accuracy, over 99%. With real-time PCR you will also receive your results within just 24 hours. That remarkably short time span also includes antibiotic resistance results, which typically take up to 5-7 days with traditional laboratory tests. 

Our groundbreaking techniques are revolutionizing medicine to help physicians precisely diagnose patients, early on. With the fastest and most accurate results available, we are able to provide physicians with the information they need, in order to successfully map individual treatment plans that are as unique as the patients themselves.

Our mission is to empower patients, physicians

and providers through precision medicine.


Real-time PCR testing produces highly accurate results, leading to precise targeted treatment.


Pathogen results are delivered unbelievably fast, within 24 hours. Cancer results, that do not require a biopsy, are delivered within a much shorter time frame of just 14 days.


We have the technology to provide critical insight, leading to precise medical diagnoses, putting both physicians and patients in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare.

Our Experts

NCJ DNA is equipped with the latest technology as well as the experts who effectively use it to deliver rapid, accurate and actionable results to patients.

Collectively, our leadership team has more than 150 years of clinical, laboratory and research experience.

Our team of experts includes:

Accessioners – Professionals who receive patient samples at our facility.

Molecular Technologists – Specialists who process the actual lab tests.

Researchers – Experts who are on the forefront of investing/interpreting data and designing new DNA tests.

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