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Straight to the source for fast diagnostic results.

Our in-house laboratories take DNA samples, and based on the specific pathogens that are present, we can learn exactly what’s going on internally. Providing proven results, our patients experience decreased hospital readmission, a reduction in healthcare costs and overall improvement leading to healthy outcomes.


Real-time PCR testing produces highly accurate results, leading to precise targeted treatment.


Pathogen results are delivered unbelievably fast, within 24 hours. Cancer results, that do not require a biopsy, are delivered within a much shorter time frame of just 14 days.


We have the technology to provide critical insight, leading to precise medical diagnoses, putting both physicians and patients in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare.

DNA Testing


Bacteria, Diseases and Fungi Tests

We have the resources to offer multiple pathogen tests that can screen between 120 and 150 genetic mutations, viruses, fungi, and disease pathogens. This allows us to be more accurate when diagnosing patients. Our DNA tests eliminate a lot of the guesswork that still exists today in the medical community. All it takes to collect the DNA sample is a simple swabbing of the nasal passage, wound, or other affected area. Our pathogen tests can deliver results within 24 hours of the patient’s sample arriving at our state-of-the-art facility.


Cancer Tests

This testing allows for life-saving preventative measures to be taken before cancer cells begin to mutate and multiply. We have the technology to provide a comprehensive, inherited cancer panel that screens for 134 high-risk cancer genes. This is a far cry from traditional laboratories that can only screen up to 27 cancer genes, at best. This revolutionary NextGen Sequencing™ technology yields remarkably accurate results within just 2 weeks, versus traditional lab tests that could take up to 30 days. The 134 cancer gene panel works by screening for cancer susceptibility genes, which are inherited factors that cause a genetic predisposition that may contribute to an individual’s risk of developing different types of cancer, if certain mutations occur. 


Our genetic make-up has the ability to dictate how we react or respond to certain medications we ingest, or put into our bodies. An individual’s genes may cause them to either absorb something very quickly, or not at all. It is helpful to know how you may react to a particular prescription drug in order to either prepare for that response, or choose another course of action. Knowing how you might respond to different medications can be paramount to your health and well-being. 

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